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Amper Engineering Group Ltd is a company that develops projects locally and globally. The company offers services related to the design, construction, cleaning and repair of water and sewage systems, commodity installation activities, warehousing and leasing, wholesale and retail trade, passenger and freight transportation in the country and abroad, mechanical engineering and engineering. Services related to logistics and coordination, intermediation of domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals, water projects and energy efficiency, waste management and air purification, marketing and pre-project studies, innovation and international projects. 

Energy efficiency

AEG offers services related to improving energy efficiency. These services include the implementation of activities leading to energy savings, material benefits or goods, derived from combining energy supply with energy efficient technology. Actions that may cover the operation, maintenance, and management necessary to providing the service are also included. Furthermore, the company offers the following services:

cleaning and repair of water and sewage systems

AEG is a company carrying out various types of plumbing and sewerage work activities designed to facilitate the functionality of households and businesses. The main plumbing services offered by AEG are unclogging and cleaning of sewers, construction and cleaning of plumbing systems, unclogging of drains, toilets and traps, cleaning of septic tanks and manholes. AEG specializes in the design, construction, repair and cleaning of:

Mechanical Engineering

AEG offers high-tech mechanical engineering. The company focuses on quality machinery, emphasizing proper design, prototyping, engineering analysis and technical documentation.

Construction and Assembly

AEG offers civil engineering activities that include services such as new construction, renovation, remodelling, retrofitting and maintenance.

Waste management and clean air

AEG offers services related to the prevention and reduction of any harmful effects that waste may have on human health and the environment.

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